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Svensk Civilreligion med Två Ansikten: Palme och Ärkebiskoparna

Published June 15, 1991

Since the 1960's there has been increasing understanding and cooperation between the religious and the political spheres in Sweden, notably between the Church of Sweden and the Social-democratic Party. Both have been occupied with issues outside their traditional national and confessional boundaries. The question is whether and to what extent this has resulted in a “civil religion of the Swedish society” which unites the Church and secular politics in their striving for justice and peace in the world. We would expect this civil religion be expressed at joint meetings of the representatives of the Church and the Party. In this research report five speeches by leaders of the two bodies (Palme, 1965, 1968, and 1983 and the Archbishop 1968 and 1983) are analysed by the Perspective Text Analysis method. This method makes it possible to describe and analyse the speaker's conceptual structure, cognitive processes, level of argumentation and changes in these matters over the course of time in question. This description leads naturally to an analysis of the degree of compatibility between the cognitive representation of these speeches and the ideologies and strategies of the two bodies, but the present report only lays the groundwork for this further study.

Publisher Lund University
Year 1991
Language Swedish
Collection studiesinconsciousness; additional_collections


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Studies in Consciousness, Intention and Orientation
by Bernhard Bierschen & Inger Bierschenk